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 The Little Prince for Grownups (Kindle $2.66; Paperback $8.55)

The Jungian Bible (Kindle $2.66; Paperback $7.99):

The Amazon Shaman  (Kindle $4.11; Paperback $10.00)

The Little Prince for Grown ups

Prince coverThe book, already in its fourth edition in Brazil, brings light into some powerful insights hidden in Saint Exupéry´s masterpiece. The inspiration to write a work of art arises from the unconscious, full of ideas that the very author may have been unaware of. “The Little Prince for Grown-ups” gets to the roots of some of Antoine Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince, using mythology and Jungian psychology concepts to expose some of its buried treasures. The crash that leads the pilot to land in the Sahara desert becomes the beginning of a self-knowledge journey. Exupéry himself, or rather, Antoine, is the protagonist of this journey, and his companions are the blonde boy with the scarf around his neck and the Wise Old Man. The book also borrows from many stories from the Bible as well as Gnostic texts, and Greek mythology, as well as using Jungian ideas, but no psychology knowledge is required from the reader.

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The Amazon Shaman

Guia Simples

The Amazon Shaman

The Amazon Shaman

A Jungian psychological thriller.

The story of spiritual development through shamanism amid a drug war, criminals looking for gold and timber, and the struggle to protect the Amazon.

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The Jungian Bible

Cover The Jungian Bible 110x110

The book presents the basic concepts of Jungian Psychology in an ordinary language, and uses Biblical stories to illustrate these concepts. No previous knowledge of Jungian psychology is necessary.

It shines light into many stories of the Bible with a Jungian reading, unearthing their wisdom. Stories like the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and many others, which seem unbelievable if taken as facts of real life, are explained with the help of Jungian psychology bringing forth the wisdom they transmit.

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In Search of Happiness

A metaphor for the eternal struggle between good and evil, between light and darkness. The book tells Peter´s story, a warrior of light, and his struggle to avoid the dimming of the last sparks of light after the destruction of Atlantis. Peter is captured by criminals and has to use all his creativity to escape alive and to avoid the assassination of a presidential candidate and his substitution by another, linked to Colombian drug cartels.

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Easy Guide to Jungian Psychology

STH-RLNThe book is an easy guide to Carl G. Jung´s main ideas and concepts. Do you want to understand the Jungian concept of archetypes? What was Jung´s view in regards to the meaning of life? Do you want to be introduced to active imagination, one of the most powerful tools to talk to your angels? Or demons? Would you like to know about the Jungian concept of neuroses and complexes? What was Jung´s view on the existence of God? What is behind the break up between Jung and Freud? And much more. No psychology knowledge required.

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The Boy’s Journey – (to be published)

The story of a boy, born with a physical impairment, who has to win the battle against his demons. A Jungian journey of individuation.

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