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Enigmatic sayings of Jesus: man against father and mother

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Enigmatic sayings of Jesus: son against father and mother

Do you think that Jesus would promote strife between a son and his father?

Jesus said: Matthew 10:34-36:  34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

Some sayings of Jesus are too profound and difficult to understand if we take it literally. How is it possible that the Master wants to promote strife inside our families? Evidently this has to be understood metaphorically, and Jungian psychology explains the wisdom of Jesus’ saying.

When we are infants, our parents are our Gods. We perceive them as having the power of life and death over us. They feed us, house us, teach us. Whatever they do is considered correct in the eyes of the infant. We think that our parents are perfect. As we grow, we know that this notion is false, but it is too late: whatever our parents passed to us, right or wrong, is imprinted in our psyche, in our unconscious. And this happens even if the attitudes of our parents were not verbalized. The infant, his unconscious, absorbs whatever he senses.

As a result, the sins of our parents are passed on to us. Metaphorically, Adam’s sin put us out of the Garden of Eden. This is a psychological truth. Our parents really pass their sins to us in the form of complexes that we carry through life and transmit to our children if we do not get conscious of them through a process of analysis. Let me clarify that I’m not an analyst, and I’m not trying to get clients when I urge you to work on your complexes.

The way to improve humanity is to be conscious, and avoid passing on the complexes we inherited from our parents and extended family. This is a prescription from Jung, but also from old Greece. I once more call your attention to the advice written in the entrance of the Temple of Apolo in Delphi, Greece: Know Thyself.

More important of all. This is a prescription from Jesus.

Roberto Lima Netto believes that our objective in life is to be happy, and that Jungian psychology and Spirituality, his main areas of interest, can help us in this search for happiness. He is the author of several books, including “The Little Prince for Grown-ups”  and  “The Jungian Bible”  that can be found in Amazon. His blog is www.HappinessAcademyOnline.org.

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I was involved in the business world, as an executive of large companies and university professor since recently. I was the president CSN, the largest steel-mill of Latin America and was responsible for its turn-around. My first encounter with the teachings of the Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung, one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th Century, was during my midlife crisis. Reading "Man and his Symbols" at that time, inspired me to go into Jungian analysis and to begin devouring the writings of Jung and his disciples. Since then, I've been studying psychology, especially Jungian psychology and, after reaching my seventies, I decided to become a full time writer, specializing on books on Jungian psychology and psychological thrillers. Every masterpiece of literature can be absorbed through multiple interpretations, and yield powerful insights for our daily lives. My first Jungian book, “The Little Prince for Grown-ups“, in its fourth edition in Brazil, was based on the famous book of Saint-Exupéry. The second, - “The Jungian Bible” - interprets some stories of the Old Testament and world myths. As I get older and, with a bit of luck, wiser, I want to pass on to the younger generations the lessons life has taught me. Jesus Christ taught that it was easier to sell ideas with stories. Following the Master, I published in English "The Amazon Shaman" and "In Search of Happiness", two psychological thrillers around the theme of happiness.

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  1. “Solches habe ich zu euch in Gleichnissen geredet. Es kommt aber die Zeit, dass ich nicht mehr durch Gleichnisse mit euch reden werde, sondern euch frei heraus von meinem Vater verkündigen werde.”

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