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Shamanism on Mastering Challenging Times

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Shamanism on Mastering Challenging Times.

The Amazon Shaman

The Amazon Shaman

Persons receiving messages from a different reality exist in almost all religions. The Old Testament carries messages from many prophets. In the New Testament, Saint Paul is the most known case, although the author of the Book of Revelation might have written it in a trance.

While trance may be rare in most religions, shamans get in trance regularly to meet the spirits. They perform their cures in trance, conversing with the spirits.

Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman, in their book “Wakening to the Spirit World” say: “Shamanism is an ancient and powerful spiritual practice that can help us thrive during challenging and changing times.”

Shamanism is a technique that can be mastered. It may help us face our challenging times.

I’m Roberto Lima Netto, a Jungian. I write Jungian books –  The Jungian BibleThe Little Prince for Grownups — and Psychological thrillers – The Amazon Shaman, – In Search of Happiness.

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Xamanismo na conquista de desafios pessoais.

Existem pessoas que recebem mensagens de uma realidade diferente em quase todas as religiões. No Cristianismo e no Judaísmo, temos vários relatos de mensagens de diversos profetas. No Novo Testamento, São Paulo é o caso mais conhecido, embora o autor do Livro do Apocalipse poderia ter escrito em transe.

Enquanto transes podem ser raros na maioria das religiões, os xamãs entram em transe regularmente para encontrar os espíritos. Eles realizam suas curas em transe, conversando com os espíritos.

Sandra Ingerman e Hank Wesselman, em seu livro “Despertar para o Mundo Espiritual”, dizem: “O xamanismo é uma antiga prática, uma poderosa prática espiritual que pode nos ajudar a prosperar durante períodos desafiadores e tempos de mudança.”

O xamanismo é uma técnica que pode ser dominada. Pode nos ajudar a conquistar nossas crises e nossos desafios pessoais.

I was involved in the business world, as an executive of large companies and university professor since recently. I was the president CSN, the largest steel-mill of Latin America and was responsible for its turn-around. My first encounter with the teachings of the Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung, one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th Century, was during my midlife crisis. Reading "Man and his Symbols" at that time, inspired me to go into Jungian analysis and to begin devouring the writings of Jung and his disciples. Since then, I've been studying psychology, especially Jungian psychology and, after reaching my seventies, I decided to become a full time writer, specializing on books on Jungian psychology and psychological thrillers. Every masterpiece of literature can be absorbed through multiple interpretations, and yield powerful insights for our daily lives. My first Jungian book, “The Little Prince for Grown-ups“, in its fourth edition in Brazil, was based on the famous book of Saint-Exupéry. The second, - “The Jungian Bible” - interprets some stories of the Old Testament and world myths. As I get older and, with a bit of luck, wiser, I want to pass on to the younger generations the lessons life has taught me. Jesus Christ taught that it was easier to sell ideas with stories. Following the Master, I published in English "The Amazon Shaman" and "In Search of Happiness", two psychological thrillers around the theme of happiness.

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