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Shamanism – Access to transpersonal worlds

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Shamanism – Access to transpersonal worlds

The Amazon Shaman

The Amazon Shaman

It is the extraordinary ability to access the transpersonal world that sets Shamans apart from all other religious practitioners.

Awakening to the Spiritual World – Sandra Ingermann & Hank Wesselman

The Shamans, differently from priests and pastors of other religions, have direct access to higher realms. Pastors and priests are God representatives on earth, but they do not have direct access to the divine forces existing in other realms of reality.

Our civilization, with its almost total preference for the left brain rational functions has lost its direct contact with the divine. It is true that some saints may have this prerogative, but not the normal spiritual conductors of our churches.

On the contrary, Shamanism requires that every Shaman visits higher realms of a different reality to get information directly from the higher spirits and learn how to heal his/her people.

Walter Boechat, Ph.D., in his book Shamanism and Psychotherapy states: “Shamanism is a paradigm of the process of individuation, which is a central feature of Jungian psychology.”

But Shamanism is not only the precursor of psychotherapy. Shamanism is very much alive today. It is a modern way of spiritual healing, not a religion, but a living process of healing that can be learned.

If you want to know more, my book – The Amazon Shaman – although a fiction thriller, describes the stages of the shamanic training. I also recommend that you visit www.shamansociety.org.

I’m Roberto Lima Netto, a Jungian. I write Jungian books –  The Jungian BibleThe Little Prince for Grownups — and Psychological thrillers – The Amazon Shaman, – In Search of Happiness.

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Xamanismo – Acesso a outras dimensões da realidade

Xamã CapaÉ a extraordinária capacidade de acessar o mundo transpessoal que diferencia o Xamã de dirigentes de outras religiões.

Despertar para o Mundo Espiritual – Sandra Ingermann & Hank Wesselman

Os Shamans, diferentemente de padres e pastores de outras religiões, têm acesso direto as regiões transpessoais. Pastores e padres são os representantes Deus na Terra, mas eles não têm acesso direto às forças divinas que podem ser encontradas em outras esferas da realidade.

Nossa civilização, com a sua preferência quase total pelas funções racionais (hemisfério esquerdo do cérebro), perdeu esse contato direto com o divino. É verdade que alguns santos têm essa prerrogativa, mas não os condutores espirituais do dia-a-dia de nossas igrejas.

Pelo contrário, Xamanismo exige que os Xamãs visitem planos mais elevados de uma diferente realidade para obter informações diretamente dos espíritos mais elevados e aprender a curar seus clientes.

Walter Boechat, Ph.D., em seu livro Xamanismo e Psicoterapia afirma: “O xamanismo é um paradigma do processo de individuação, que é uma característica central da psicologia junguiana.”

Mas o xamanismo é não somente o precursor de psicoterapia. O xamanismo é uma realidade viva entre os povos ditos primitivos, mas que estã se tornando presente na nossa civilização.

O xamanismo é uma forma moderna de cura espiritual. Não é uma religião, mas um processo vivo de cura que pode ser aprendido.

Se você quiser saber mais, o meu livro – Xamã – embora um thriller de ficção, descreve as etapas de um treinamento xamânico. Também recomendo que você visite www.shamansociety.org

I was involved in the business world, as an executive of large companies and university professor since recently. I was the president CSN, the largest steel-mill of Latin America and was responsible for its turn-around. My first encounter with the teachings of the Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung, one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th Century, was during my midlife crisis. Reading "Man and his Symbols" at that time, inspired me to go into Jungian analysis and to begin devouring the writings of Jung and his disciples. Since then, I've been studying psychology, especially Jungian psychology and, after reaching my seventies, I decided to become a full time writer, specializing on books on Jungian psychology and psychological thrillers. Every masterpiece of literature can be absorbed through multiple interpretations, and yield powerful insights for our daily lives. My first Jungian book, “The Little Prince for Grown-ups“, in its fourth edition in Brazil, was based on the famous book of Saint-Exupéry. The second, - “The Jungian Bible” - interprets some stories of the Old Testament and world myths. As I get older and, with a bit of luck, wiser, I want to pass on to the younger generations the lessons life has taught me. Jesus Christ taught that it was easier to sell ideas with stories. Following the Master, I published in English "The Amazon Shaman" and "In Search of Happiness", two psychological thrillers around the theme of happiness.

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