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Dalai Lama Buddhism

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Dalai Lama Buddhism

 Dalai Lama ImageOpen-minded people tend to be interested in Buddhism because Buddha urged people to investigate things – he didn’t just command them to believe.


The main problem Christianity faces today is that it asks people to believe in the Bible as if they were historical facts, not metaphors.  As a result, religion and science go against each other.

It is difficult to believe in some stories of the Bible as historical facts. Do you believe in the story of the creation of human beings as told in Genesis? In fact, the Bible tells two different stories.

Contrary to Christianity, Buddha preached investigation of the truth and did not struggle with science. In fact, the Dalai Lama has collaborated with the scientists trying to understand scientifically the benefits of meditation, and some books were written based on these experiments.

The Christian churches ask its followers to have faith, not to use their rational mind to judge the Bible and the dogmas. I confess I envy the faithful. They live happily without minding about the conflicts of religion and science. Unfortunately, we cannot buy faith in a supermarket.

The Western world, during the Middle Ages, was convinced of the rightness of the Bible. In truth, there existed a few doubters that were purged by fire. But human beings, starting with the Renaissance (XIV century), begin to use their rational faculties. Science developed, and questioned many assertions of the Bible.

Individualism is on the rise in the Western world. A large portion of XXI century´s persons refuses to belong, without thinking, to the flock of the churches.

A relatively new myth popularized in the XIII century – the Arthurian Myth – proposed that each person go in the search of the Grail using a path never trodden before. This is individualism, a characteristic of our time. The idea of belonging to a flock is not acceptable anymore.

Carl Jung suggested that each person follows the journey of individuation. Metaphorically speaking, search for his Grail

Jung also suggested that the Bible and the Church´s dogmas be read as metaphors. This simple advice might prevent the erosion of the Christian churches.


Stories of the Bible with Jungian interpretation

Stories of the Bible with Jungian interpretation



I am Roberto Lima Netto, a writer who seeks to present, in easy words, the ideas of Carl Jung and of notable mystics and sages. I also write fiction, always trying to convey lessons of life. After all, Jesus taught us that the stories are the best way to present ideas. Some of my books are: The Little Prince for GrownupsThe Jungian Bible, The Amazon Shaman and In Search of Happiness, and A Boy, a metaphor for life, all available in Amazon and Kindle.



I was involved in the business world, as an executive of large companies and university professor since recently. I was the president CSN, the largest steel-mill of Latin America and was responsible for its turn-around. My first encounter with the teachings of the Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung, one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th Century, was during my midlife crisis. Reading "Man and his Symbols" at that time, inspired me to go into Jungian analysis and to begin devouring the writings of Jung and his disciples. Since then, I've been studying psychology, especially Jungian psychology and, after reaching my seventies, I decided to become a full time writer, specializing on books on Jungian psychology and psychological thrillers. Every masterpiece of literature can be absorbed through multiple interpretations, and yield powerful insights for our daily lives. My first Jungian book, “The Little Prince for Grown-ups“, in its fourth edition in Brazil, was based on the famous book of Saint-Exupéry. The second, - “The Jungian Bible” - interprets some stories of the Old Testament and world myths. As I get older and, with a bit of luck, wiser, I want to pass on to the younger generations the lessons life has taught me. Jesus Christ taught that it was easier to sell ideas with stories. Following the Master, I published in English "The Amazon Shaman" and "In Search of Happiness", two psychological thrillers around the theme of happiness.

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