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Carl Jung

Carl Jung and Analytical Psychology

   Carl Jung and Analytical Psychology   Carl Jung (1875-1961) was a Swiss medical doctor graduated from the University of Basel, Switzerland. Originally a disciple of Freud, he diverged from the master and founded his own school – Analytical Psychology, also known as Jungian Psychology. Jung developed important concepts in psychology. His main ideas are […]


Persona   The persona is the individual’s system of adaptation to or the manner one assumes in dealing with the world. Every calling or profession, for example, has its characteristic persona. Carl Jung   In the ancient Greek plays, the actors used a mask to represent their characters. In the present world, we do not […]

Shadow and Jung

Shadow   The Shadow personifies everything that the subject refuses to acknowledge about himself and yet is always thrusting itself upon him directly or indirectly – for instance, inferior traits of character and other incompatible tendencies. Carl Jung   The Shadow is a central concept in Jungian psychology. The human being is born complete, not […]

Anima and Animus

Anima and Animus   Every man carries within him the eternal image of woman, not the image of this or that particular woman, but a definite feminine image. The image is fundamentally unconscious, an hereditary factor of primordial origin engraved in the living organic system of the man, an imprint or archetype of all the […]

Function Types

Function types   The superior function is always an expression of the conscious personality, of its aims, will and general performance, whereas the less differentiated functions fall into the category of things that simply “happen” to one. Carl Jung   In addition to the two attitude types – introversion and extraversion – Jung also classified […]


Individuation   I use the term “individuation” to denote the process by which a person becomes a psychological “in-dividual“, that is a separate indivisible unity or whole   Individuation is the process of acquiring more consciousness. When Adam and Eve ate the apple, the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, they got more conscious. […]

Dalai Lama on Happiness

(Clique para português) Dalai Lama – The purpose of our lives is to be happy We all would like to live a happy life. How? Buddhism suggest that the source of unhappiness is desire. If you desire nothing, you will be happy. The question continues alive. Can we erase desire from our mind? Including the desire […]

Sandy Hook, Newtown – A Psychological Interpretation and proposal

(Clique para português) Adam Lanza’s senseless killings of innocent children in Sandy Hook, Newton, Connecticut. Many around the world are trying to explain this tragedy that is happening with an undesirable regularity around the world. Without claiming to have a definite answer, I suggest some possible explanations and a solution not easy to implement. What […]

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