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Catholic Church

Pope Francis

Para português Pope Francis and the Catholic Church problems The Catholic Church has plenty of problems. Pope Francis visit to Rio de Janeiro during the World Youth Journey was a success. It showed that Pope Francis is not only charismatic, but truly connected to the social problems that affect humanity. The church grew in the early […]

Is Jesus God?

Versão em português Is Jesus God? When I was seven, being  prepared for First Communion, I had a discussion with the priest. I couldn’t agree with him that a baby dying in the midst of Africa, without any access to Christianity, could not go to heaven. “Whoever is not baptized cannot go to heaven,” said […]

Freud and Jung: on religion

  I’ve already dealt with Freud´s and Jung´s basic thinking differences in a previous post Freud and Jung – The basic differences. However, I didn’t mention their completely different views on religion, not because it was not important, but because I wanted to treat the subject with special attention. So, here it is. Some of the writings […]

Was Jung a mystic?

Was Jung a mystic? Jung was always concerned about being seen as a scientist as well as a psychologist. However, due to his incursions into religious matters, many accused him of mysticism. This might be a compliment, nowadays, but it wasn´t so in the mid 20th century. Mainly for wanting his ideas to be considered by […]

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