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Christian myth

Want Happiness?

Clique para Português Want Happiness?   Edward Edinger (1922-1998), a well-known writer and Jungian analyst, opens his book, The Creation of Consciousness, saying: “History and anthropology teach us that human society cannot long survive unless its members are psychologically contained in a central living myth. Such myth provides the individual with a reason for being.” […]

Happiness, Spirituality and the Christian Religion – The erosion of the Christian myth.

The erosion of the Christian myth Human beings yearn for happiness. In past centuries, this objective was assured, at least to Western people, by joining a Christian church. After two thousand years dominating the Western minds, the Christian myth is losing its radiance. This should concern us, since every civilization needs a sustaining myth to […]

Is Christianity dying?

Clique para Português Nietzsche said: “God is dead”. Does the Western world needs a new God? A new religion? It is true that Christianity as it is preached since it was considered the official religion of the Roman Empire is more influenced by Paul Apostle and Saint Augustine than by Jesus Christ. Ideas that are too […]

Freud and Jung: on religion

  I’ve already dealt with Freud´s and Jung´s basic thinking differences in a previous post Freud and Jung – The basic differences. However, I didn’t mention their completely different views on religion, not because it was not important, but because I wanted to treat the subject with special attention. So, here it is. Some of the writings […]

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