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Dalai Lama Buddhism

Clique para Português Dalai Lama Buddhism  Open-minded people tend to be interested in Buddhism because Buddha urged people to investigate things – he didn’t just command them to believe.   The main problem Christianity faces today is that it asks people to believe in the Bible as if they were historical facts, not metaphors.  As […]

Death of God

 Clique para Português Death of God   A recent article that was emailed to me, unfortunately without mentioning the author, says: “the story of the Death of God might be expected to be the story of a bloody conflict between science and religion. This affirmation misses entirely the point. It should be pointing to the death […]

The Lost Myth

Clique para portugues The Lost Myth of the Western World   The world had  great problems in the XX century – two world war, one great economic recession and innumerable local wars. We hoped that, with the entrance of the Era of Aquarius, the world would improve. Well … it does not seem to be […]

The Meaning of Life

Click para portugues Human Beings in Search of the Meaning of Life   Carl Jung said that a human being without a myth “is like one uprooted, having no true link either with the past, or with the ancestral life which continues within him, or yet with contemporary human society.” (CW 5 p xxix) What […]

Saving civilization

clique para português A spiritual life can help saving civilization. George Bernard Shaw said that civilizations invariably collapse when men power outrun religion. That is what is happening now. The decline of religions all over the world is the recipe for catastrophe. Even in India, a country essentially religions, we hear of killings among Muslins […]

Where is God?

Click para Português Where is God? Where is God? Christianity, a religion of the Jewish people, spread across the Western World through the preaching of St. Paul among the Gentiles. It gained popularity as a reaction to the extremes of brutality and excesses dominating the Roman Empire, when the spirit was totally relegated, and people […]

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