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The Oedipus Myth

clique portugues The Oedipus Myth   The Oedipus myth is one of the most popular myths of ancient Greece. Oedipus meets his father at a crossroads, and not knowing that he was his real father, kills him in combat. Then he marries his mother, also not knowing whom she is. For these errors, Oedipus is […]

Dream Interpretation (Part 1)

Clique para portugues Dream Interpretation (part 1) What are Dreams for? Freud said: The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. Jung said: Dreams may sometimes announce certain situations long before they actually happen. This is not necessarily a miracle or a form of precognition. Many […]

Freud’s mistake

Clique para portugues Freud’s mistake My friend, Luís César Ebraico, an outstanding psychologist and a great student of Freud, turned to the German original to correct errors of the standard English translation, which is the main source of the Portuguese editons. Luís César has written a priceless book – A New Conversation – in which, […]

Freud and Jung: on religion

  I’ve already dealt with Freud´s and Jung´s basic thinking differences in a previous post Freud and Jung – The basic differences. However, I didn’t mention their completely different views on religion, not because it was not important, but because I wanted to treat the subject with special attention. So, here it is. Some of the writings […]

Jung Active Imagination

(Clique para português)   Jung  Active Imagination Since early age, Carl Jung had a difficult life. As a child, he had strange dreams and visions. His father, a pastor that lost his faith and struggled to recover it, was not a good example. A recipe to psychosis. Jung and Freud Jung was strongly attracted to […]

Freud and Jung main differences

  Freud and Jung basic differences Unconscious Freud defined the unconscious as a collection of repressed personal material. Jung went further. He divided the psyche in three parts: the conscious (the ego), the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious. This last part was a reason for their breaking. Although Freud could not deny the existence of […]

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