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Life changes

Para Português Life changes: Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 535 -. c 475 BC), a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, is famous for his insistence on change, as indicated by his famous sayings: “There is nothing permanent except change.” “Only change is unchanging.” “You cannot step into the same river twice.” The human being resists change. If you’re […]

Want Happiness?

(Clique para português) Want Happiness? Your thoughts make a difference. A psychological study by Emons and McCullough – Counting Blessings versus Burdens – published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 84, no.2 (2003) divided participants into three groups. Group one was asked to list five things they were grateful for that happened in […]

Dalai Lama on Happiness

(Clique para português) Dalai Lama – The purpose of our lives is to be happy We all would like to live a happy life. How? Buddhism suggest that the source of unhappiness is desire. If you desire nothing, you will be happy. The question continues alive. Can we erase desire from our mind? Including the desire […]

Suffering and Religion

(Clique para português) Suffering and Religion My friend Peter goes to mass every Sunday and claims to believe in the Christian dogmas. I discussed this subject with him on several occasions and, although he denied it, my feeling is that he had a very bureaucratic approach to religion. He was going to mass out of […]

Happiness, Spirituality and the Christian Religion – The erosion of the Christian myth.

The erosion of the Christian myth Human beings yearn for happiness. In past centuries, this objective was assured, at least to Western people, by joining a Christian church. After two thousand years dominating the Western minds, the Christian myth is losing its radiance. This should concern us, since every civilization needs a sustaining myth to […]

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