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Joseph Campbell

Active imagination

Active imagination   A fantasy is more or less your own invention, and remains on the surface of personal things and conscious expectations. But active Imagination, as the term denotes, means that the images have a life or their own and that the symbolic events develop according to their own logic – that is, of […]

The Unconscious Man

Clique para Portugues The Unconscious Man   The unconscious man? Is man uncounscious? A bus driver killed a passenger because of a change of 30 cents. Do you think that man is a rational animal ? Haa, haa, haa! The human being is partly rational, very partially. Our unconscious is a key factor in our […]

Leonardo Boff and the hero’s death

(para português) Leonardo Boff and the hero’s death Author: Walter Boechat I wrote this article after participating in the XIX Congress of IAAP – International Association for Analytical Psychology in Copenhagen, Denmark, in August 2013. The Congress was attended by Leonardo Boff,  participation applauded by over seven hundred participants from around the world. His presence […]

Prometheus and Fire

(Clique para português) Prometheus and Fire Prometheus was a hero fighting for the progress of mankind. He was Titan, and served the Gods, charged with separating the sacrificial meat to be served to Gods and humans. The Gods had first choice. Prometheus prepared two sacks, one containing succulent food, and the other, a larger more […]

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