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Purpose of life

Clique para português The Purpose of Life   I always thought that our purpose in life is the search for happiness. But Jung, infinitely wiser than I am, claims that the goal is not happiness, but meaning. In old Greece, Aeschylus already suggested that the Gods guide us to wisdom through suffering. We need wisdom […]

Psychological Suarez Bite

Clique para português Psychological Suarez Bite FIFA World Cup in Brazil   Suarez bite. FIFA world Cup IN Brazil. Uruguay playing against Italy, a decisive game. Suarez bit Chiellini, risking exclusion from the match. Why? In some articles in this blog, I called the attention to the fact that humans are not always rational. We think […]

Artistic Creativity

Clique para Portugues Where does artistic creativity come from? The inspiration to produce an art work arises from the unconscious, full of ideas that the author may be unaware of. The talented artists have easy access to the deeper levels of the psyche, where they meet the material for their masterpieces. Their work is to give form […]

Jung on Psychological Types -Basic Concepts of Jungian Psychology

(Clique para português) Jung on Psychological Types Jung said that human beings act and react differently from one another. He classified them into two attitude types: the Extraverts and the Introverts. Extraversion The attitude that characterizes certain persons that have more facility to deal with persons and objects external to the psyche. Introversion The attitude that […]

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