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Jung – Shadow

Shadow The Shadow personifies everything that the subject refuses to acknowledge about himself and yet is always thrusting itself upon him directly or indirectly – for instance, inferior traits of character and other incompatible tendencies.   The Shadow is a central concept in Jungian psychology. The human being is born complete, not knowing good and […]

The four functions of the Psyche

(Clique para português) The four functions of the Psyche Jung postulated that the psyche has four functions. Two rational functions: Thinking and Feeling and two irrational functions: Intuition and Sensation. As a baby, when we start to grow, we give preference to one of the functions. This turns to be our principal function. Automatically, its […]

The Mysterious Psyche

(Clique para português) The Mysterious Psyche Do you know that the human psyche cannot be explained only by the our rational thinking? The scientific mentality that prevails in the Western World gives no attention to facts unexplained by casual logic. Well! How about that? Jung once had a patient with a phobia that prevented him […]

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