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Suffering and Religion

(Clique para português) Suffering and Religion My friend Peter goes to mass every Sunday and claims to believe in the Christian dogmas. I discussed this subject with him on several occasions and, although he denied it, my feeling is that he had a very bureaucratic approach to religion. He was going to mass out of […]

Happiness, Spirituality and the Christian Religion – The erosion of the Christian myth.

The erosion of the Christian myth Human beings yearn for happiness. In past centuries, this objective was assured, at least to Western people, by joining a Christian church. After two thousand years dominating the Western minds, the Christian myth is losing its radiance. This should concern us, since every civilization needs a sustaining myth to […]

Was Jung a mystic?

Was Jung a mystic? Jung was always concerned about being seen as a scientist as well as a psychologist. However, due to his incursions into religious matters, many accused him of mysticism. This might be a compliment, nowadays, but it wasn´t so in the mid 20th century. Mainly for wanting his ideas to be considered by […]

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