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Structure of the Psyche

Structure of the Psyche   Human beings, especially we Westerns, have the illusion that our psyche is our Ego. The Ego is only a small part of our mind, comprising its conscious portion. We keep, inside our psyche, a larger part, the collective unconscious. One could say that the collective unconscious is merely a mirage […]

Oedipus Journey

Clique para Portugues Oedipus Journey – The Shackles of the Unconscious Do you know that you carry the burden of the unlived life of your parents and your parents‘ parents? What a child born into a family of parents that equals education with spanking can expect of life? What an infant with a drunken and […]

Where is God?

Click para Português Where is God? Where is God? Christianity, a religion of the Jewish people, spread across the Western World through the preaching of St. Paul among the Gentiles. It gained popularity as a reaction to the extremes of brutality and excesses dominating the Roman Empire, when the spirit was totally relegated, and people […]

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